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Abe's Journal

There is a fine line between "Hobby" and "Mental Illness".

31 January
word. I'm a 22 year old from the middle of Pennsylvania, living in a very very small crappy town. I hope to escape it someday soon ;) People always ask me why I don't go out much anymore... Well, I don't like it here! Anyway, I design/make clothing & accessories (raver, punk, goth, etc.) & sell them on eBay & my web site. Fuck having a real job I say. I also say buy my stuff because I'm usually po'.

I'm an animal lover, kitties & puppies are great. I'm also currently obsessed w/ fish keeping, I wuv my fishies to bits! Trying to breed me some Endler's Livebearers, so if you want any of those hit me up. I like a bit of most types of muisc; punk, rap, alternative, country, oldies, etc. And... I guess that's it. If you want more info read my journal & my web site or something.